Millennial Esports is happy to announce the return of a time honored Halo tradition, the pre-tournament bootcamp. For Halo, bootcamps date back to 2005 when Team 3D invited up and coming Halo teams to train with them before major events. The practice grew and multiple top teams adopted bootcamps into their training regiment. At their peak bootcamps would involve as many as six teams, who would descend on Chicago to practice at the LAN Network compound.


Beyond The Sticks will bring two of the top Halo teams to Las Vegas for an all expenses paid training session. On July 1st & July 2nd EnvyUs & Oxygen Supremacy will engage in an exhaustive bootcamp at the Millennial Esports Arena. The teams will play four 13 game series in preparation for Dreamhack Atlanta. Fans will be able to watch all the action at twitch.tv/MillennialEsports. Millennial Esports will also be taking the players on two team building activities outside the Arena. Those at home will be able to follow along on Instagram stories. Finally all of the action will be hosted by two of Halo's greatest personalities, Ryan Towey & Tom "Tsquared" Taylor.


Tsquared began his career as a Pro Player in Halo:CE. He quickly established himself as a dominant competitor and achieved multiple tournament victories during his career. Most recently he's leant his voice to the HCS tournament broadcast where he leverages his experience to give the fans top tier insight about the game.

Ryan Towey is one of the most successful Halo coaches of all time. When life isn't tow, he is a capable general who has marshaled a variety of squads to the top of the podium. He is currently a member of Evil Geniuses and frequently assists teams from multiple games in achieving their objectives.


Team EnvyUs is composed of some of the most storied names in Halo. The roster has been together for almost a year, during which time they've won 4 major Halo events. Most recently they are coming off a second place finish at Worlds and a first place victory at UMG Daytona. The squad is coached by Elumnite, a storied veteran in his own right.
Despite being a relatively new roster, Oxygen Supremacy quickly made a name for themselves on the Halo Championship Series.They made a run through the UMG Daytona bracket where they took Team EnvyUs to a full 5 game series. The majority of the squad has been competing since Halo 3 and they look to have a breakthrough year in 2017.


Joe Gomes - Head Stength and Conditioning Coach for the Oakland Raiders

Gomes began his career in the United States with Athlete's Performance, a program specializing in preparing athletes for the NFL Combine. During his tenure he was responsible for 13 Top-10 draft picks. After joining the Raiders in 2015, Gomes and his staff created a program that's focused on each player's needs unique needs. Their approach works to help players achieve both their short term goals and long term career sustainability.
During the bootcamp Gomes will meet with both teams to examine their training regimens and explore ways they can improve their performance. Players will evaluate their routines to see what they can do inside and outside of training to maximize their results.


How many games will each team win?

Option 1: EnvyUs: 52 Oxygen Supremacy: 0

Option 2: EnvyUs: 45 Oxygen Supremacy: 7

Option 3: EnvyUs: 38 Oxygen Supremacy: 14

Option 4: EnvyUs: 31 Oxygen Supremacy: 21

Option 5: EnvyUs: 24 Oxygen Supremacy: 28

Option 6: EnvyUs: 17 Oxygen Supremacy: 35

Option 7: EnvyUs: 10 Oxygen Supremacy: 42

Option 8: EnvyUs: 3 Oxygen Supremacy: 49

Option 9: EnvyUs: 0 Oxygen Supremacy: 52